Insanely Fun Wedding Ideas

We love anything that is unique and out of the box. But with one wedding after the other, it can get hard to get that WOW moment.
What we want to say is ‘yes that is fantastic, can we have that at our wedding? ‘
We have scoured the web to find these insanely fun wedding ideas.. just for you!

1. Have an artist paint your ceremony
This would look great on your wall at home!

Image Source

2. Swap the Guest Book for a Pinata
So Pretty and cool

Image Source

3. Find your best side
Just get that perfect shot.

Image Source

4. What’s in an age?
Who said Grandma’s cannot be your flower girls?┬áSo Charming!

Image Source

5. Confetti bar..Say What?
This is such an unusual and quirky idea! Give your guests a choice of paper goodies to shower you with.

Image Source

6. Cotton Candy Machine
Sticky Fingers but we don’t care!

7. Shake it Off
Let your guests take a photo with a Polaroid Camera and attach a personal memory on your special day.

Image Source

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