Fun Bridesmaids Proposals

So, your favorite guy just asked the question. Awesome!
Now it’s time for you to ask the girls to be part of your big day! Don’t do it the old, boring way – get creative. Show the girls that they mean a lot to you. Here are some fun ways to do it.

1. Hide a Secret Message  
This gift boxes disguises the secret message. Sweet!

Image Source

2. Be my bridesmaid hangers
A unique and personal gift for your bridesmaids,a personalized hanger to
hang their dress on while standing by you on your special day.

Image Source

3. Crossword Time
Turn it into a game with a crossword puzzle.

Image Source

4. DIY Flower Mug
Thinking of a personalized way to propose to your bridesmaids?
This is adorable!
Click Here to DIY


5. Say it with wine
These wine bottles are a reminder that you will always need your BFF’s


6. Personalised Necklace
Pretty! These can be also worn by the maids on your big day!

Image Source

7. Bridesmaid Tumbler 
Great Way to Pop your question to your ladies!

Image Source

8. Bridesmaids Cards

Classic way to ask the special question

Image Source


9. Bridesmaids Wedding Cards
A true keepsake for your special ladies.

Image Source

10. Puzzle
Just jigsaw the pieces together and Voila!

Image Source

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